Afavorable market has created the perfect conditions for homeowners to borrow money to fix up their homes. Home equity loan rates currently remain low, making those “put off for a rainy day” renovations feasible and attractive undertakings. Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia said, “This would be a good time to take advantage of your home equity to remodel.”

Ready to renovate, but not sure which project to tackle first? It’s a difficult decision, especially since the last thing you want to do is invest a significant amount of money in a project that will bring zero value to your home. This is why the most common question homeowners ask when contemplating a renovation project is, “Which will give me the most bang for my buck?”



Kitchen and bathroom renovations are popular. But they are big-ticket projects, which surprisingly may not give you as much value as other lower cost items. In Remodeling magazine’s “Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report” (, it was reported that repair and replacement projects — especially door, window and siding projects — outperformed larger renovation projects.

This could be the result of lower initial cost and a greater effect on curb appeal. In fact, seven of the top ten ranked projects for its regional report in Honolulu involved door, window, roof and siding replacement. According to the report, switching out your old windows for vinyl ones can recoup costs up to 127 percent.

Garcia says Windows Hawaii can help you with that. In addition to offering a line of beautiful, energy efficient and durable windows, the company will work to find the best financial program for you. “We have a variety of financing tools at our disposition, which the client has access to depending on individual qualifications,” Garcia said. One of the company’s most popular loans includes a no interest loan for up to 18 months.


“The majority of our clients take advantage of the no interest loans, making the minimum monthly payments, and towards the end of the loan they apply for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) through their own banks. This move allows them to maximize the savings available to them,” stated Garcia. Windows Hawaii is working with Wells Fargo to offer a special promotional rate right now. Contact the company to find out how affordable it is to improve your home’s look and value by changing your windows.

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