Who doesn’t love a cozy night indoors? Perhaps nowhere is the desire for the warm feel of comfortable living spaces more important than in the bedroom. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple tricks to warm up any bedroom in just one weekend.

Switch to down and feather bedding

Down and feather users reported nighttime warmth as the main reason for purchasing down products, tied at 55 percent with softness and fluffiness, according to a nationwide Harris survey conducted on behalf of the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC).


Opt for a warm color palette


Warmer colors, such as shades of red, orange and yellow, can really heat up a room. Choose rich tones to create an inviting feel. Popular colors this year include cayenne shades of red, deep oranges and bright, botanical-inspired yellows.

Accent walls or warm, richly-colored accessories are excellent options for those not ready to commit to such a bold color in the entire bedroom. Throw pillows and blankets, rugs or art also can be easily changed with holidays or seasons.

Select warm, effective lighting

Warm up your bedroom and create an inviting living space with strategically placed lighting. When selecting artificial light, avoid bulbs that cast blue tones and select bulbs with yellow hues that light the space with a soft glow. Place table lamps on bedside tables or add a standing lamp near a comfortable chair. Candles also are a simple and inexpensive way to add a warm glow. And don’t forget to take advantage of natural light by selecting window treatments that let in sunlight, such as transparent curtains.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.