Painting is a classic makeover tool for interior spaces. To give your home’s aesthetic a boost of personality and style, consider these surprisingly simple DIY paint projects that can be done in one day or less.

Ombre walls

The fading technique that gently transitions one hue to another is popular in clothing and hair coloring, and can also be used for interior design. Pair any two complementing colors to create a beautiful ombre composition on walls.


For example, red and orange transition to mimic the visual essence of a sunset, turquoise and blues blend together much like the colors of the ocean, and white with gray makes for a crisp, clean style that captures the look of winter in chic modern style.

To create an ombre wall, first select your paint colors. BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint & Primer has 372 exclusive one coat colors to choose from. Start at the top of the wall and paint the first color about two-thirds down.

Then, starting at the bottom, paint the second color upward until it meets the first. Finally, use a large sponge to spread and pat the bottom paint color up the wall to create a beautiful blend of colors with a smooth transition.


Ceiling surprise


The often-ignored “5th wall” is the perfect place to add an unexpected touch of color. Go bold with rich tones that accent the decor in the space. Simply use a roller with an extended handle to make the job easier and select your paint color of choice.

Chevron patterns

Chic chevron zigzags have broad visual appeal in a home. The V-pattern pairs well with a variety of interior styles. A small chevron accent wall can make a tiny space pop with personality. Chevron also looks stylish on tabletops, coffee tables and end tables.

Colorful accents

Painting accent walls a bold hue has become the simple way to inject color and style into interior spaces. Achieving rich deep color doesn’t even require multiple coats, thanks to the exclusive BEHR MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection.


Which wall should you select to paint with an accent color? The wall behind the couch, bed or kitchen table are all wonderful locations to experiment with a touch of color.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.