I find that as I get older, time seems to go by faster. It’s already been more than a month since Scott and I said our “I dos.” I’ve had my dress dry-cleaned, wedding paraphernalia put away and thank-you cards sent.

The one item that I have not touched is my bouquet. Before we left for the honeymoon, I did what previous brides advised, and I hung it upside-down to let the flowers dry. But now, what? As I pondered what to do, I started thinking of the many other dried blooms I’ve saved over the years, such as the lei from my graduation.


Putting dried flowers in a vase or hanging dried lei does not seem to do them justice. There are many ways to preserve the petals that will showcase their beauty and add to your decor. If you want to preserve your special petals in a special way, consider some of these options:

Shadow box

This option works well if you don’t want to alter the flowers too much. Start with dried flowers, which you can achieve by hanging them upside-down for two to three weeks. Then, prepare the box. Remove the back and decorate it, if desired. Then, decide how you want to arrange your flowers inside.

You can leave the bouquet whole and add other special items inside, such as pictures of you holding it or other memorabilia from the day. Or, you can disassemble the bouquet and fill the box completely with the blooms. Whatever you decide, keep the items in place by gluing them to the back of the box with a hot-glue gun. The glue will dry clear, but try to use it sparingly.


Decorate your tree


Christmas ornaments attached to memories are always my favorites. Dry the flowers as instructed above. Then, purchase a clear-glass Christmas ornament. Remove the top and carefully push petals, one by one, through the hole. Don’t be afraid to roll them up to get them to fit. They will unfold once they’re through. Fill it up as much as you desire, then replace the cap. Attach a ribbon to the top, tying a bow and a loop.

Scrap-book it

This requires a different drying method. First, remove the petals from a few choice blooms. Place them in between wax paper and press them under a stack of heavy books. They may take a couple of weeks to dry. Once dry, you can place them in a scrapbook or even in a picture frame with a photo of your special day.

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