Summer is going, but the heat is still here. Don’t rush on the process of buying a split system air conditioner. Instead, do your research before buying.

There are a lot of solar companies out there that are hurting for sales because of the recent HECO rules, and they are turning to the air conditioning industry to make a fast buck. Be aware of these companies’ solar/split system combinations that usually include a high markup.


Do your research first, and ask these solar companies the breakdown of cost for these solar combos. You’ll find in most cases, the Aire Conditioner Shoppe is a lot lower. And with more than 30 years of being Hawaii’s No. 1 installer, you can put your trust in its “We do it right the first time!” slogan.

By opting for an efficient, split-ductless air conditioning system, you can guarantee the ideal climate for your home or office. Systems sold and installed by the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. The latest split-ductless systems provide zoned comfort, and are engineered to be installed quickly and easily. These systems are available from the Aire Conditioner Shoppe, which specializes in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

The systems provide both heating and cooling with the push of a button on a remote control. They also provide individual temperature control throughout your home or business — so each room or zone will be the exact temperature that you set.



Concerned about air quality? These systems have the capability to filter out dust, mold spores and microorganisms. The dry mode helps to control humidity levels, even when cooling isn’t needed. Other standard features include sleep timer, auto changeover and 24-hour timer cold prevention.

Concerned about appearance? The cooling-only wall-mounted units, designed for single rooms, are slim and stylish. Indoor units have a clean, aesthetic design and are powerful, though small and shorter in length than competing units. The variable-speed compressor helps systems adapt to shifts in heat load caused by afternoon sun.

Concerned about noise? These units are so quiet, you won’t even know they’re on. How about cost? “The operative word is ‘efficient,'” owner Neil Wiedemann said. “Old or malfunctioning air conditioning systems are energy hogs that don’t do the job effectively and run up your electricity bills. The air conditioning systems available at the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are the newest models that incorporate the latest technological advances.” Wiedemann also pointed out that split-ductless systems can be just as efficient as central air conditioning, or more efficient, in terms of energy savings, depending on the lifestyle of the homeowner.


Wiedemann, who has been in the air conditioning business since 1979, sells and installs split-ductless systems on Oahu. He also sells less expensive window units, often the choice for apartments, condos and houses. “Even the window air conditioning units, which are generally what you see in older apartment buildings or townhomes, have been extensively improved both in efficiency and appearance,” Wiedemann added.

With 35 years in business and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company would like to say thank you to its 5,400 plus customers, by offering free estimates on new installs of split-ductless air conditioners.

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