The phones are ringing off the hook for the latest nanotechnology products from Cenano Pacific. When it comes to green-friendly cleaning and sealing, no product cleans and seals better than the exclusive Nanotol from Cenano Pacific.

“Seeing is believing,” said Cenano Pacific’s Dean Kodama. “Check out our YouTube channel at, and see what the craze is all about.”


Cenano Pacific’s exclusive Nanotol solution is the No.1 solar panel cleaner, protectant and sealant in the world. Studies show that a brand new Nanotol-treated panel actually outshines and boasts a higher efficiency rating when compared to a brand new untreated panel.

“Protect your solar system investment, and increase and lengthen the lifetime efficiency of your solar system,” said Kodama. “Our sealant allows the rain to help clean your solar panels, and our special Nanotol helps avoid degradation of your solar panels due to dirt and other residue. Imagine not washing your car for one, two, five years — let alone twenty years plus — how dirty your panels would be. Imagine not using your windshield wiper for that long. You wouldn’t be able to see through the glass. How can you expect your panels to soak up the sun and get their maximum efficiency, if they are dirty? This is why everyone who has a solar system is highly encouraged to treat their panels now with our special Nanotol solution that actually repels dirt once treated.”


Protecting your panels is even more important for homeowners with central inverter systems, where one inverter controls the DC to AC conversion with one central “brain.”


“These central inverter systems will operate at the lowest, least efficient panel,” confirmed Kodama. “All it takes is one dirty panel, and your entire system’s array will perform at this low level with a central inverter system. The amount of efficiency lost heavily outweighs the investment of treating your panels with our special Nanotol that lasts up to three years.”

Cenano Pacific’s Do It Yourself Nanotol product line also features products for the kitchen and bathroom. “Our Nanotol creates a mirror finish, and resists dirt for sensitive surfaces in the kitchen,” confirmed Kodama. “It cleans, decalcifies and seals. It’s the perfect long-term protection for your bathroom. It even protects your bathroom from lime water stains.”

Cenano Pacific’s Nanotol is so good at sealing surfaces, that once you seal your car, you will never have to wax it again. The seal is transparent, can be applied to a car’s paint, glass, chrome wheels and plastic. It’s easy to apply, and the effect lasts for up to one year.


“It’s 100 percent safe for your car’s surface, and once sealed, it’s better than any paint protection out there. Plus, it’s safe for your car’s surface. Once sealed, the rain actually helps keep your car clean. I love when it rains,” smiled Kodama.

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