When my wife and I were looking for a contractor to handle our home renovation, we called a number of different companies, including Hua Xia Construction, who was featured in an article we had read in Hawaii Renovation. When we first met owner Andy Cao from Hua Xia, we were initially concerned that he and his company were both so young.


However, Andy assured us that despite his young appearance, he had been working in construction for many years, and had gained a lot of experience and knowledge working on many projects — and also under the tutelage of his father. We were under a lot of pressure, in terms of time and money constraints, and Andy told us that he would finish the project on time and within our budget.

His pricing was competitive with the other companies, but he also offered quality merchandise with no skimping. The most important aspect for us, when deciding to choose him as our contractor, was the level of trust and sense of caring that we got whenever we met with him. He was personable and friendly, but more importantly, he showed a willingness to work with us to bring our project to a satisfactory completion, and within our time frame.


The scope of our renovation was quite extensive and included structural, electrical, plumbing, bathroom and kitchen upgrades and redesign, and also new drywall and interior painting. We were impressed by how hard they worked, and how quickly this crew got each phase completed.


And at every step, their customer service was outstanding, and they were all very respectful and accommodating. Even when we were having difficulty making decisions, they were extremely patient and offered friendly advice and helpful expertise.

The high quality of service was not only exemplified by Andy, but also by his knowledgeable crew, especially Leung Chen, our second go-to guy and carpenter, and Wayne Weng, the journeyman, who could build just about anything in no time at all. They were all excellent workers and went beyond our expectations.

In the end, Hua Xia delivered better than promised, ahead of schedule and within our budget. We were right to trust in Andy’s honesty. And although Andy and his crew were not born here in Hawaii, they have embodied the true aloha spirit in their sense of kindness and integrity, and also in their willingness to listen and do whatever they can, so that you are happy and satisfied with their work.


We would recommend Hua Xia Construction because of the quality of their work, their high level of customer service and their desire to work with you, to make your vision and your dream a reality.

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