Summertime in Hawaii means that island homeowners from Hawaii Kai to Kapolei are scrambling to find ways to cool their homes without running up their energy bills. Many resign themselves to spending hundreds more in higher electricity bills that come from running air conditioning. Others will use an assortment of alternative tools to beat the heat.

Wayne J. Chi, a Realtor and attorney, was excited to put the finishing touches on his home cooling project that included attic ventilation and a reflective roof coating. The biggest boost came from the QuietCool whole house fan system installed in the vaulted living room of his home. “Our house is 100 times cooler,” said Chi. “With increased airflow and substantial heat reduction, we now feel more comfortable — the dogs are happier too!”


Installed in the attic of the home and controlled by a timer mounted on the wall, the whole house fan is used to bring cool air inside the home by drawing heat out of the living space, and flushing trapped hot air out of the attic.

Al Whitworth of Island Cooling explains one of the reasons the whole house fan has been so effective. “The whole-house fan is perfect for the indoor-outdoor way we live. Rather than having to close windows and doors and hiding out with chilled air, the system takes advantage of natural airflow.”


Jen Okamoto of Waipahu originally inquired about the whole house fan in February 2012 in anticipation of the summer season. “Of course, procrastination took over and I didn’t move forward on getting an in-home consultation until it was blazing hot in July and we were desperate for relief,” she said. “On the first day, I opened the house, turned on the fan and noticed that the hot, stagnant air in our home turned into non-stagnant air and even cool air in the evenings.


Okamoto continued, “It’s unbelievable. For us, it works even in the day, as the way our house is, the hot air just sits in the house and it’s always hotter inside than out — even at the peak heat of the day!”

Island Cooling’s system has also become popular with homeowners looking to install solar photovoltaic (PV), as the system uses only a fraction of the cost of air conditioning and is more easily offset with PV.

Anthony Collins had a QuietCool system installed in his home this past month. “I was looking for ways to increase the airflow in my house and get all the heat out,” said the Keaau resident. “The whole house fan is great!”


Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s resource for QuietCool whole house fan systems, Eshield radiant barrier insulation and Trio Portable Air Purification with a photo catalytic converter to neutralize volcanic and other organic gases as well as filter dust and mold.

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