A dependable roof protects and secures your home. West Oahu Roofing Inc. (WOR) is the com

pany that can provide quality workmanship in your brand new roof, reroof or repair.


WOR is family owned and managed by Bernard Balais. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company has continually maintained an A+ rating. Most of its work is referrals from previous customers. This shows that WOR’s work meets and exceeds the customer’s satisfaction.

WOR strives to meet the customers’

needs and wants. Balais’ team meets with customers to review different roofing materials, colors, installation procedures and cost during the free estimation process. WOR also assists in obtaining the Home Owners Association (HOA) permit for homes governed by an HOA.

Alongside its roofing work, the company provides its customers with a range of different accessories, such as solar fans and ridge vents, as well as offering gutter installation as a package deal with its complete roofing projects.


WOR’s goal is to provide its clients with quality roofing at an affordable price. WOR can guarantee its workmanship because the company has experienced and loyal employees and quality control/assurance inspectors to verify all work.

At the job site, WOR utilizes dump trucks to haul away roofing debris from the jobsite daily, in order to allow homeowners use of their driveway during non-working hours.

Portable restrooms are an additional feature also provided to WOR customers at no additional cost, to prevent inconvenience.


Call West Oahu Roofing Inc. for a free estimate, and the company can provide you with all of your roofing needs today.

contact // 671-6886
address // 94-170 Leoole St.
email // westoahuroofing@gmail.com
web // www.westoahuroofing.com