Investing in home improvements is a smart idea when you’re thinking of putting your home on the market. In fact, making smart improvements can help you save money on your utility bills now, while increasing your home’s value to potential buyers later on down the road.

Heating and cooling

On average, you should consider replacing your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system every 10 years, in order to take advantage of the latest energy-saving technologies and cost efficiencies.


Home automation


Stay ahead of the real estate curve and provide additional value for your home with advanced home automation technology. For instance, Nexia Home Intelligence enables you to remotely manage multiple features and functions of your home via any Web-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.

A programmable control

Reduce energy consumption by installing a programmable HVAC control, which can save up to 15 percent compared to traditional non-programmable thermostats.

Home inspection and repair advice

Now is an ideal time to purchase a new home comfort system. A qualified HVAC dealer can perform an inspection, advise you on preventative maintenance and make recommendations on heating and cooling systems that best fit your home’s needs. Find an American Standard Customer Care Dealer near you through an online search at


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