Jane Moon had an idea. She had been grappling with the problem of indoor heat in her Moilili home for some time. It seemed that no matter what steps she took, it was always hotter inside the house than outside on the lanai.

As a retired general contractor, Jane had done her research on available cooling options. Recent electricity hikes made running the air conditioner too expensive, and the attic fan she had installed hadn’t been strong enough to make a big enough difference.

Then she heard about the whole house fan available from Island Cooling.


Installed in the attic of the home and controlled by a timer mounted on the wall, the whole house fan is used to bring cool air inside the home by drawing heat out of the living space, and flushing trapped hot air out of the attic. It seemed to be the answer Jane was looking for, and she had it installed in the front area of the home last May.

The typical homeowner will often run the fan in the afternoon and evening hours, when the air inside is warmer than outside. With Hawaii’s temperate climate, however, homeowners report that the whole house fan brings relief all day long.

After a year of seeing it in action, Jane decided it was her turn to be cool. “My son Ross loves the whole house fan, and says it’s the greatest thing. He doesn’t have to use the AC, but instead uses the whole house fan,” she said. “It’s getting hot now, and I was asking myself, what about me? I think I deserve it too.” Jane recently called Ivan Whitworth at Island Cooling to order another fan for her side of the house to be installed later this month.

Al Whitworth of Island Cooling explained one of the reasons the whole house fan has been so effective, “The whole-house fan is perfect for the indoor-outdoor way we live. Rather than having to close windows and doors and hiding out with chilled air, the system takes advantage of natural airflow.”

Island Cooling’s system has also become a popular option for homeowners looking to install solar photovoltaic, as the system uses only a fraction of the cost of air conditioning and is more easily offset with solar PV.


Lorraine Rutkowski’s Pearl City home is in a very hot neighborhood. After hearing about the whole house fan from neighbors, Lorraine took her time to do her research, but moved quickly once she had made up her mind. She had her system installed in 2012.

“The whole house fan is excellent cooling for our home,” Lorraine said. “Our unit is installed in the living room, towards the kitchen, and not only does it keep our sitting area cool, it helps to remove heat from cooking also.”

When asked how the whole house fan has affected their AC usage, daughter Maloury Mendoza, replied. “We don’t need AC, we have a whole house fan.”

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