This month, RevoluSun is celebrating a huge milestone — in just five short years, Hawaii’s leading solar design and installation firm is approaching its 5,000th PV system installation.

In 2009, RevoluSun’s founders had a vision to create a trustworthy solar company, offering the most experienced workforce and top-notch customer service — two major areas they had experienced as lacking in the solar industry. As RevoluSun evolved, so did its unparalleled quality.

Best racking system


RevoluSun’s unique racking system can span further distances and is made of a Marine Grade 6000 series anodized aluminum that requires less drilling of holes in the roof. Unirac — owned by the Hilti Group and well known for its industry-leading expertise and commercial-grade materials — manufactures the racking.

The unique racking system requires half the holes drilled compared to other conventional systems — meaning less wear and tear on the roof and less opportunity for leaks.

Protects warranties

CertainTeed — which manufactures the majority of roofing materials in Hawaii — recently certified RevoluSun as the only solar company in Hawaii for which it will warranty its roofing materials, as well as PV system penetrations. Since many Hawaii roofs are CertainTeed, RevoluSun provides added value to the homeowner’s roof warranty. In other cases, another non-certified company drilling on a CertainTeed roof could jeopardize or void the roof warranty.

Cutting-edge innovation


The cloud-based software program RevoluSun and its franchisees use to manage a solar project — from sales to design to completion — would not have been possible even a few years ago. This proprietary technology allows RevoluSun to give customers the fastest and most informative service. It also allows this growing company to be based in Hawaii while expanding to other hot markets.


Unparalleled technology

RevoluSun offers the most energy from less space by providing the SunPower X-Series solar panels to customers, which provide 44 percent more power per panel. The X-series panels produce 75 percent more energy per square foot over the first 25 years and have the most guaranteed power with a product warranty that covers 25 years. X-Series panels are designed for demanding conditions like partial shade or hot rooftop temperatures. Built on a solid copper foundation, SunPower solar cells deliver unmatched reliability over the solar system’s lifetime.

Local knowledge

As the only solar company in Hawaii that offers a workmanship warranty up to 15 years, expert installation teams include members with NABCEP certification, licensed electricians and specialized project developers who are trained beyond industry standards.

Homeowner education programs


Recently, RevoluSun has taken the lead in educating the public and walking customers through new HECO regulations or saturated grid issues in a timely and efficient manner. Its experience on the outer islands, where grid space has always been an issue, has allowed project developers to expedite the process for customers who feel they might be jumping through extra hoops.

The “Customer Love” program, similar to a Customer Rewards program (but with no additional purchases needed outside of the PV system), for RevoluSun customers provides RevoluSun-Only special events, regular discounts from local businesses and family events, and creates a long-term community of like-minded individuals.

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