Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) has become Hawaii’s one-stop source for the ultimate energy-efficient home. So much more than a photovoltaic (PV) provider, the renowned solar company now provides a full range of products and services to make your home the most comfortable, energy-efficient and money-saving paradise it can be.

According to Craig Kawamura, director of sales at the kamaaina solar company, Hawaii’s surge in PV popularity has resulted in homeowners becoming aware of the many other ways a home can be energy-efficient. Now, one call to AEI can put the finest solar PV, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), solar water heating, electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar attic fans and electrical contracting to work for you.


“Our customers can choose from our menu of services, or combine them all for the ultimate energy-efficient home,” Kawamura said. “We take care of everything, and they’ll enjoy comfort and savings for decades to come.” Here’s a peek at AEI’s expanded offerings:

AEI specializes in top quality solar PV installations, featuring high-efficiency Mitsubishi electric panels. AEI handles system design, installation, permitting and net metering paperwork, and offers generous warranties and renowned customer service. The highly qualified journeymen and apprentice technicians in AEI’s HVAC division design, install and maintain the latest Mitsubishi heating/cooling systems, the gold standard in HVAC. As more homes are generating their own electricity from the sun, qualified electrical contracting from folks who know PV is critical. At AEI, all installations are done by the company’s in-house team of licensed electricians, not subcontractors.

A truly energy-efficient home starts with solar water heating, since hot water heating can account for 40 percent of a family’s electricity bill. It’s also where AEI got its start more than 20 years ago. To celebrate, AEI is offering a $1,000 solar water heating discount through May 31. Combined with the current $1,000 Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP) rebate, that’s a whopping $2,000 off, just in time for the summer sun.

Let AEI install an electric vehicle-charging outlet and extra solar panels, then let the sun power your ride. No more trips to the gas station! Also, installing solar attic fans before investing in AC or PV can greatly reduce the number of solar panels or air conditioning muscle you’ll need.


Founded in 1993 as one of Hawaii’s oldest kamaaina solar companies, AEI is well-equipped to transform your home into an energy-efficient, money-saving paradise today. AEI is located in Mapunapuna at 803 Ahua St. in Honolulu. The company may be reached at 842-5853 on Oahu and 872-9592 on Maui. Visit the company website online at

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