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May 11, 2014

A home is one of the greatest assets a person or family can have. It is also one of the biggest expenses. Personal vehicles are next on that list, and they are not even close when it comes to price points in Hawaii. The average home in Hawaii is around $500,000, and for vehicles it’s around $30,000. Yet for most homeowners, the vehicle receives more in the way of a regular maintenance program — oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and regular cleanings, to name a few.

This is done as an effort to prolong the looks, life and proficiency of the vehicle. Although, this scheduled maintenance program does not always hold true for many homes. Homeowners all too often attend to home maintenance only when there is a problem or something has already failed.



This is actually backwards. Your home should be given far more attention than your vehicle, as it is expected to last for more than ten times as long, and is at least ten times as expensive. So what does exterior home maintenance involve? Here are the top three things:

• Roof maintenance. Your roof is probably the most expensive component of your home. And in Hawaii’s wet and humid environment, it is very likely that your roof will be infested with mold, algae, moss or lichens. The black streaks and darkening on your roof is a direct effect of a mold known as Gloeocapsa Magma colonizing on your roof. This mold lays down extensive root systems that cause cracking and fissures, and it eats away at the limestone and compounds that the roofing material is made of.

This may shorten the life of your roof by as much as 50 percent if not treated. It is highly recommended that you have a professional roof cleaning done every five to seven years in order to reach the maximum life potential of your roof. Do not let anyone pressure wash your roof, as it will void your warranty and cause irreversible damages. It is highly advisable to hire a SoftWash certified, licensed and insured roof cleaning contractor.

• Gutter cleaning. Gutters not cleaned on a regular annual to semi-annual basis can become clogged or backed up, costing homeowners thousands of dollars. A clogged or backed up gutter allows water to accumulate, which adds a lot of weight to the system causing nails to be pulled out or loosened, joints to begin leaking, or sections of the gutter to fall.



Another problem caused by full gutters is water spillage over the top and back into the fascia boards which creates wood rot and water damage that can spread to rafters and roof components. An issue like this would mean major repairs and cost in the thousands.

• House washing. The sun, road grime, dirt, salty air and a multitude of other contaminants can cause serious issues to a home’s exterior coatings and makeup. Whether your home is stucco, wood, concrete, siding or anything else, a proper cleaning is essential to maximizing its longevity.

If left untreated, these contaminants can break down the building materials and coatings, which will then leave the home susceptible to water damage and other structural failures that could cost thousands in repairs. It is recommended to have your home cleaned every three to five years. Also, do not use high pressure to clean exterior.

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