A new roof should have style, strength and add value to your home. Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. does not do roof replacement just to maintain current value, but rather does permanent roof replacement to improve and add value to homes.


For more than two decades, residential construction on the Ewa Plain has been dominated by Mainland designers and developers who have elected to close up the homes they build and then air-condition the interior spaces. What a waste! The best way to save energy and lower your monthly electric expense is to find a way to decrease electricity use.


Open-air homes, not closed up boxes, are what most Hawaii residents want. You want to relax when you come home and move freely inside and outside. You want to enjoy your beautiful yard and the best weather on the planet, and leave the doors open. If you have some friends and their keiki over, you don’t want the house all closed up. You want it open and well-ventilated so that you can enjoy the fresh Hawaiian air.

The problem is that almost all of the homes described above have hot, temporary asphalt shingle roofs, where most of the heat that enters the home is actually being pumped in from the roof. So why not install a permanent, maintenance-free roof that will cool your house down enough, in most cases, to eliminate the need (and expense) of air conditioning? With a strong, but beautiful Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof provided by Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. you can do just that.


The durable and lightweight Country Manor Shake aluminum roof system, the coolest and longest lasting roof you can buy, was developed by Alcoa in 1974. Thousands of these roofs have been installed in Hawaii for the last 25 years by Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. The CMS system is now manufactured in Ohio by Classic Metal Roofing Systems using 95 percent post-consumer recycled and rustproof aluminum.


Call now for a free estimate, and Fred Rehm, president and founder of Aluminum Shake Roofing, will make a personal visit to your home, measure your roof, produce a scale drawing and give you a very detailed quote. He will explain everything about how the roof system works and answer your questions to make your reroofing decision easier.

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