As summer arrives, the beauty of the outdoors is natural inspiration for homeowners to update their interior design. Luxurious textures, bright colors and bold accents help to define today’s most popular summer decor trends, adding emotion and energy to any space.

For those redecorating, the season’s top interior design tips and trends will help you inject magazine-worthy style into your home for an elegant look guaranteed to impress:


Wood alternatives

The organic look of wood is timeless, providing a warm and rustic elegance to rooms. Wooden walls and floors have broad appeal, but homeowners often tire at how quickly dents and scratches appear. In addition, these blemishes require constant maintenance and upkeep. To avoid this expensive maintenance, many homeowners are turning to wood porcelain tiles. The Porcelanosa Parker Oxford Collection features porcelain tiles designed to look like luxury hardwood, but with all the maintenance and performance benefits characteristic of tile. Choose traditional patterns or get creative with unique inlays for a look that’s one of a kind, durable and easy to maintain.

Metal hardware


One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update interior spaces within a home is to replace hardware. Just as accessories pull together an outfit, knobs, backplates, handles and hinges help to define a space and give it personality.

Oil-rubbed hardware continues to be popular, and gold tones are gaining interest once again. Mixing various metals in different sheens and textures adds a unique element that dresses up a space instantly.


Tile trends

More designers are paying special attention to how textures and patterns affect the emotion of different rooms, and tile is being used to achieve stunning results. The Suede Collection of wall tiles from Porcelanosa are designed with reliefs that form overlapping patterns emulating pressed cement. The result is flowing patterns of curvilinear lines that add beautiful texture to walls. Another top tile trend is hand-assembled mosaics made from geometrically cut tiles to create spectacular wall and floor coverings.

Bathroom furniture lines

Sleek furniture and flowing lines creates a larger sense of space throughout a home, but this trend is particularly prevalent in bathrooms where space is at a premium. The Ciclo Bath Collection features KRION, a material that is smooth to the touch and endlessly customizable because it can be molded like plastic. With virtually invisible joints, the collection of sinks, mirrors, vanities and shelving makes it simple to integrate clean line design concepts.

Accent colors


A new time of year often calls for refreshed color palates within home design, but it’s not necessary to do a complete overhaul to inject the season’s hottest hues. Whether you go for vivid tones like radiant orchid, the Pantone color of the year, or you prefer more subdued gray and blue hues that are currently trending with interior designers, home decor accents make it easy to integrate color for seasonal updates. For example, swapping pillows, throws, paintings and photography takes minimal effort and little investment.


Crystal elements

A touch of sparkle is an attractive addition to rooms, particularly in unexpected spaces. Light fixtures like crystal chandeliers are no longer reserved only for dining rooms and entranceways — many now grace bedrooms and powder rooms, adding visual drama.

In the bathroom, the Swarovski Crystal Elements Collection features dazzling decorative elements that reflect light and can be used to separate surface transitions on walls, showers and backsplashes. Try mixing crystal accents with organic materials like marble or wood for a striking and chic contrast look.

To learn more and explore these trends yourself, contact a Porcelanosa design consultant and get your decorating plan underway for the summer season.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.