Pacific Islands Window Treatments is a full service company that is both a general contractor and window treatment installer. The company has partnered with Hunter Douglas window treatments because of Hunter Douglas’s quality products and long lasting solutions.


Hunter Douglas is a name that people wanting the best quality ask for. Homeowners and commercial clients usually will ask for its products because they know that attention has been paid to the product, allowing it to last for many years.

The look-alikes will generally look old in a few short years due to the manufacturer using inferior materials and construction. As they say, you get what you pay for, and sometimes what looks like a bargain turns out to be waste of money, as the products fall apart or are difficult to operate.


Why does Pacific Islands think a higher quality product is important? Customer satisfaction is something the company feels strongly about, and it believes Hunter Douglas provides or meets this expectation. Companies that are only interested in the bottom line will make it appear that you are getting good value, but the appearance does not meet the litmus test as the product’s useful life is tested, revealing the deficiencies.


Pacific Islands believes its customers deserve better and chooses not to promote the low quality solutions out there, but rather use the finest window treatments in the industry.

Pacific Islands Window Treatments also provides a superior installation experience, critical to how the window covering looks as you face your windows. A quality installation must promote the room look when the window exposure is open to sunlight or closed for privacy. The mechanics of the covering need to be easily handled and also safe, especially when children are in the household. The company’s expert installers understand construction and provide the best craftsmanship for your installation.

Call Pacific Islands today at 261-0044 for a consultation and free estimate. Let the company show you the many ways to beautify your home and also provide the best in class window treatments from Hunter Douglas.

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