One can certainly conclude that there are many choices when shopping for cabinetry throughout the state. But the saying, “Buyer beware” rings true today with the advent of imported cabinets, especially those coming from China. Importers are buying cabinetry in China “off the shelf,” meaning they are accepting cabinets constructed as designed in China versus those made with quality standards which manufacturers in the USA will follow. Oftentimes this attempt to save on cost comes at the expense of a well-built and engineered cabinet. So when it comes to imported cabinetry, shoppers need to look critically at what they are buying.

Honsador Lumber LLC, located at 91-151 Malakole Road in Kapolei’s Campbell Industrial Park, imports cabinets from China as well. However, its brand is Islander Cabinetry and Honsador has carefully outlined a specification that is followed by the manufacturer. Each aspect of the Islander has been reviewed and engineered to more closely function like cabinets made in the USA.



Many import cabinets sold here in Hawaii use thinner 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch thick plywood or particle board for the sides. Honsador’s Islander uses a thicker 5/8-inch, 9-ply hardwood plywood.

One part of the cabinet that takes a beating is the drawer. This is not a good place to skimp on quality. The Islander features 5/8-inch clear hardwood sides and ends joined together in a method called Dovetailing, where the pieces are interlocked to each other. These drawers are engineered to stay together with heavy duty 3/8-inch thick drawer bottoms.

The shelves in the Islander are 3/4-inch thick and are fully adjustable to different heights and are very strong. Others use 1/2-inch thick shelves which will sag under use.


You know the difference between affordable high-value in cabinets versus just a cabinet that was made to look like a quality cabinet but is really made from undersized materials and poor joinery and workmanship. Honsador Lumber urges those who are looking for good value at a reasonable price to consider the attributes of its Islander Cabinetry.

Another important difference between the Islander and other import brands is that once the shipping containers arrive in Hawaii, Honsador Lumber contracts with Terminix Hawaii to fumigate every cabinet before it goes to your new or renovated home. This process is safe for humans but will kill all living organisms in the wood.

Interested buyers on Oahu should call Honsador Lumber at 356-1889 or 356-1893 to speak to a cabinet pro. On neighbor islands, contact a branch near you by visiting

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