Your rooftop is showing its age and starting to look old and worn. It has black streaks and the granules are coming off and being deposited in your gutters. You’ve never really liked the look of your home with the conventional roof, even when you first had it installed and it was new, which wasn’t that long ago. Now you’re faced with spending a considerable amount to re-cover using the same temporary roofing material. But now you realize that it won’t be that far into the future before you will have to begin thinking about reroofing again.


So maybe this time you should think that you have an opportunity to vastly improve the appearance of your home and choose a permanent roof that you can be proud of — one that will probably outlast your house. Why not install a roof that won’t deteriorate as it ages, won’t blow off, is fire safe and will keep your home 10 degrees (or more) cooler than your current one.


Consider an aluminum Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof system, developed and produced originally by Alcoa, but now being manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems in Piqua, Ohio. Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. (ASR) has been specializing in installation of the system locally for the last 25 years, with thousands of installations statewide. The CMS system is the ideal roof for Hawaii’s extreme tropical marine climate.

Unlike wood or asphalt composition shingles, the Country Manor Shake roof does not deteriorate as it ages. It’s fabricated from aluminum. It doesn’t absorb water like asphalt or wood, and is finished with a tough, infrared reflecting coating to keep your home cool and looking great through the years. The roof is attached using concealed, stainless steel fasteners. In fact, the unique 4-way interlock and continuous fastening hem (no clips) means the roof actually holds tighter as the wind speed increases.


ASR installs CMS using patented Foam-Guard EPS “free floating” inserts that offer both a thermal break and effective insulation, making it the coolest roof you can buy. FoamGuard also supports foot traffic, keeping the roof looking great even when workers have to walk around on it.


To learn more about the roof system, call owner Fred Rehm at 383-8020. He’ll come out, measure your roof and present you with a scaled drawing and detailed estimate of what it will take to install a new CMS roof on your home.

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