Is your bathtub or shower old and looking neglected? Do you have the original bathroom fittings and counters from the ’70s or ’80s in those out-of-date colors? Are you coping with the previous owner’s decorating scheme? Perhaps you have postponed remodeling your bathroom due to the high cost or the inconvenience of getting the work done? If you happen to answer “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to call Al’s Bathtub Refinishing to resurface the tub, tile and countertop in your bathroom.

Refinishing your tub with Al’s Bathtub Refinishing is a cost-effective bathroom makeover alternative. With this option you can give a damaged and dirty bathtub a brand new look and color. In refinishing bathtubs, chips and cracks are repaired to give a new look and feel. You can also change the color of the bathtub. Al’s Bathtub Refinishing will allow you to save thousands of dollars, and also keep you away from days and weeks of wreckage mess that a costly replacement would bring — and Al’s can save you up to 75 percent of replacement costs. Refinishing bathtubs will extend life 10-15 years, or even more if you follow some basic care and guidelines suggested by Al’s bathtub.

There are a number of advantages of refinishing bathtubs. It not only allows you to save your hard-earned money and valuable time, but it also has certain environmental benefits too.

Refinishing is not the only method to repair bathtubs, you can also repair other worn-out and hard-to-clean fixtures like showers, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, tile, claw-foot tubs, and countertops.

Some say nothing compares to a newly remodeled bathroom. And they are, in part, right. Naturally, an entirely remodeled bathroom has its advantages, but you would be pleased to learn how resurfacing existing fixtures and countertops (and maybe a paint job) can revitalize a bathroom with a completely new look. Call Al’s Bathtub Refinishing for your free estimate at 679-8297or go online at You can also email owner Al Fernandez at

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