It’s time to start dreaming of a spring home makeover. Yes, now is the season to gather ideas and get started.

Warm up to color

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to transform a tired look into a vibrant vision. Choosing the perfect shade is often the most time-consuming and nerve-wracking part of the process. Knowing this, paint manufacturers are coming to the rescue and providing many new tools to help give you the color confidence you need.


For example, pick up small-size paint samples, like Platinum Color Samples from Dutch Boy, tinted in your favorite shades and apply directly to the walls you’re interested in painting. These color paint samples help you visualize how the entire space will look before investing time and money on a large painting project.

Simple sampling

Once you have a sample size of your perfect shade of paint, it’s time to test your hunch. Apply the sample paint on several walls. This will help you envision the color’s look in various light sources, both natural and artificial. When you’re happy with a color selection, head to a local retailer to purchase the paint tinted in the quantities you need.


Size up your projects

The fun doesn’t have to stop with the walls. Dutch Boy Platinum color samples can also work for smaller interior projects because the sample contains a premium paint. Try stenciling your favorite inspirational sayings or words of wisdom on your living room or office area walls. Another quick project is to use the samples to paint the trim on picture frames or mirrors to coordinate with your newly painted room.

Add final touches


After you plan your painting projects, it’s important to prepare for the small details and finishing touches that help bring everything together. Break out the hot glue gun, some of your favorite springtime silk flowers and bright ribbons to make a whimsical wreath for the entrance.

Whether entertaining friends and family or simply relaxing alone with a good book, having an outdoor oasis is crucial. To give your patio some pizzazz, why not create some decorative, weather-proof pillows or cushions? Utilize durable, all-weather fabrics in complementary hues and patterns to achieve the lounge-worthy look you’re craving. This small sewing project will add comfort and creativity to an otherwise boring patio.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.