TOTO has recently introduced two new ultra high-efficiency Neorest performance model toilets. The Neorest 700H and 550H models both offer an ultra high-efficiency Cyclone dual-flush technology, which consumes a modest one-gallon of water per flush (GPF) for the full flush, and 0.8 gpf for the light flush. Like TOTO’s top selling Washlets, these new Neorests also make use of TOTO’s eWater+ technology that keeps the bowl fresh and clean longer, benefiting the planet and consumers by helping cut back on the use of harsh cleaning products.


The new flushing system builds on TOTO’s patented Cyclone flushing technology, which simultaneously releases two powerful water jets inside the bowl, creating a whirlpool effect that effectively removes waste and cleans the bowl’s surface and rim more thoroughly and quietly than any other flushing system. This ultra high-efficiency, cyclone dual-flush system employs a reserve water tank and pumping system inside the toilet that combines with the home’s direct water supply to realize its new ultra-high-efficiency dual-flush 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf flushing capability. To achieve this, TOTO engineers designed a revolutionary flushing system in which the siphon jet is fed from water that is pumped into the bottom of the bowl from the reserve tank, and the powerful rim and bowl wash is supplied directly by a home’s water supply, making the toilet perform equally from any location, regardless of the home’s water pressure. An economical alternative to the Neorests are the powerful Double Cyclone toilets from TOTO.

To ensure the bowl stays clean and fresh, the Neorest 550H and 700H both offer TOTO’s eWater+ technology. Using the incoming water supply, a pre-mist wets the bowl’s surface, preventing waste’s adherence 80 percent better than dry porcelain. After each flush, TOTO’s eWater+ mists the SanaGloss glazed bowl with electrolyzed water, which has a slightly acidic pH value, to keep the bowl fresh and clean longer — reducing the need for harsh chemicals during cleaning. Electrolyzed water has long been a proven disinfectant used in restaurants, food preparation, and cleaning.


The Neorest 700H is an ADA compliant 17 inches from its base to the top of the seat, which happens to be the ergonomically correct height for a person to comfortably sit down and rise from the unit with ease. Other inclusive design features shared by both Neorests include TOTO’s self cleaning bidet wand with adjustable pressure and position, various bidet sprays, heated seat, heated water, heated dryer, built in deodorizer, Auto-open/close, auto or manual flush, as well as the ability to save up to two user settings on the all-new sleek, wall-mounted remote. All of these features, combined with superior elegant design, make the new TOTO Neorests the ultimate example of form and function in your home.

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