The BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show in late January kicked off 2014 with the latest building trends, new products, and emerging technologies. RevoluSun’s brightly decorated and heavily trafficked booth was staffed with knowledgeable RevoluSunaries who could answer questions about HECO’s new policies. Many potential solar PV homeowners knew that they lived in “saturated neighborhoods,” but weren’t sure what that meant for their next steps in achieving solar power.


“Those who live in areas where the grid is saturated according to HECO’s new policy, learned they don’t have to pay extra fees for a supplemental study, and that the sooner they reserve their space in line to be assessed by HECO, the quicker their solar PV permitting and any upgrades to the grid in their area — if necessary — can happen,” explained RevoluSun Principal Eric Carlson.

While many RevoluSun customers stopped by the booth to say hello, potential solar customers wanted help navigating HECO’s website that determines how saturated a grid is in each neighborhood. After assessing many addresses throughout the three-day expo, Carlson said that there are still many areas on Oahu that are unsaturated. “The takeaway is that solar PV is still accessible and affordable, and the time is now to reserve your space on the grid for your solar power,” said Carlson. “Some areas will take a little longer to process if a study or upgrade to the grid is needed, but it’s still attainable. There are many areas on Oahu that remain unsaturated and will not need any extra steps.”


Geraldine Sakoda from Waipahu is pleased with the workmanship, communications and personnel experience she had with RevoluSun. “They were on time as scheduled, the office staff kept me informed of the scheduling, the employees were very pleasant, and the quality of work is excellent,” she said. “Upon completion of project, I flipped the switch and it was such a great feeling to see the meter readings.”

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