While many resolutions are based on eating healthier and exercising more, homes rarely receive the same promise of improvement. This year, resolve to give your home some attention by committing to a new coat of paint. Painting can be a quick and cost-effective way to refresh your home, so consider updating several spaces for a clean start.


Color inspiration comes from anywhere. The latest color and decor trends are great starting points. Shades from the Dutch Boy 2014 Color Trends Forecast can modernize a space with a look that matches your taste and personality. The trends collection is called Awaken and is comprised of four distinct palettes — Gather, Connect, Explore and Serene. These collections represent a renewed commitment to the environment.


Cook with color


Looking to make a big impact in your kitchen on a small budget? A new color can awaken your kitchen to make it the center for all to gather. Try hues from the Dutch Boy Gather color palette, such as Stonewall Jackson (F15-3) and Glass Block Green (F7-4), with a mix of decorative and functional kitchen items such as serving bowls, platters and pitchers. You can also rejuvenate your kitchen with an open, airy feel by adding exposed shelving. This will update the look, plus add storage space. An indoor herb garden is also a great way to add green to the room and fresh ingredients to your cooking.

Welcome with color

Create a warm welcome guests will love by pairing a bright hue on foyer walls with an eye-catching display of white-framed photos or a grouping of ornamental mirrors and plates. Try Dhurrie Pink (A8-3) from Dutch Boy’s Explore color palette. Paint stair risers with bold colors and patterns such as chevron, stripes or stencils for a modern and chic flair. Opt for a deeper shade of paint to hide scuff marks. Finish off the space with a set of new rugs.


Comfort with color

Re-energize yourself by making calming updates to your bedroom. Paint your walls a cool hue, such as Fieldhouse (D22-3) from the Serene collection, to incorporate a sense of relaxation and tranquility to your resting space. Adding touches of new color and comfort with bedding sets, pillows and luxury throws can quickly upgrade your sleeping space. Accent the space with color-complementing window treatments. For added rest, choose light-blocking materials to prevent excess light from waking you before your alarm.


By following these simple tips, such as refreshing your paint colors, updating accessories or completing other color-inspired projects, your home will be freshly styled and you’ll be enjoying your space for years to come.


Dine with cool hues

If your dining furniture is looking a bit outdated, consider painting it. Chairs, tables, side boards, buffets and more can be revitalized in just one weekend. Be sure to properly prep your project so it withstands the wear and tear of regular usage. If your buffet or china cabinet has seen better years, remove the glass panels and drawers, and paint it a neutral hue such as Sedona Dust (C12-4) or opt for a richer pop of color like October Leaves (C6-2). Both are from Dutch Boy’s Connect color palette. Swap out old hardware with new for an easy, upgraded look. Color will easily bring new life to any piece and will blend together your home’s new style.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.