For a limited time, Smart Energy Hawaii is offering a free home energy audit not only to its existing customers, but to anyone who feels receiving one would assist in decreasing their electricity bills.

This is in alignment with a survey done early last year which found that 98 percent of homeowners are trying to conserve energy in some fashion to help save money and/or protect the environment.



The top methods of energy conservation included the following: changing the air filter in cooling or heating systems as recommended, turning down the temperature setting in the hot water heater, programming the thermostat so the temperature automatically adjusts when the house is empty, unplugging electronic devices when not in use, replacing old/worn-out air conditioning units with more efficient models and finally, using solar energy to power appliances.

A common mistake that many people made (30 percent) was turning off the air conditioner completely when not at home. Turning off an air conditioning unit can actually decrease energy efficiency and counteract any potential savings due to the fact that the A/C system has to work that much harder and run longer than it normally would to cool the room or house to a comfortable level by eliminating the humidity in a house — which is the primary cause of discomfort in a non-air conditioned room. The solution to this is installing a smart programmable thermostat — one that allows users to adjust the temperature in a home and have the system continue to run while consuming less electricity while you’re away.

This and other helpful advice will be made available to you by Smart Energy’s Home Energy Auditors. Just contact the office at 373-4559 or smar /contactus to set up an appointment for a free home energy audit.


There is nothing to lose — except more of your hard-earned savings — by not taking this opportunity to get yourself educated.

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