A bathroom remodel always presents some challenges; many buyers’ biggest challenge is to conquer making a decision about what faucet is best for their shower. The seemingly endless options of colors and finishes, compiled with the array of various styles makes selecting just one a nearly impossible feat. First you need to decide what type of shower system option you want.

Pressure balance vs. thermostatic valves

You have two options when it comes to valves for a shower or tub faucet: pressure balance or thermostatic. The difference between the two can be a little confusing.

A pressure balance valve controls the volume of water as well as the temperature in one unit. The piping required for most pressure balance systems is 1/2 inch. A thermostatic mixer controls temperature only, while a separate unit controls the volume.



A thermostatic system lets you customize your shower to whatever you like: multiple shower heads, body sprays or a separate hand-shower. A thermostatic mixer lets you take showering to a whole new level. A pressure balanced system usually limits you to a shower head and tub spout, maybe a hand-shower if you negate the tub spout.

If you opt for the thermostatic route and the ultimate shower experience, your system will need (in addition to the thermostatic mixer itself) diverters and volume controls. Diverters allow you to choose which accessory you want to be active; volume controls let you decide how much water you want to use for each accessory.

Thermostatic systems are more expensive and use more water, but you can customize your shower to be exactly what you want it to be. Thermostatic systems turn a shower into an experience, an escape and let you bring the relaxing feeling you get at the spa into your own home. While not practical for every installation, thermostatic systems certainly have a level of luxury that many find is worth the investment.

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