There are many different styles of roofs, as well as budgets. Leakmaster Roofing understands that and has created this quick, easy guide to get you the right coating for your particular job. Whether Leakmaster Roofing installs your coating or you decide you want to do it yourself, the company can help.

In fact, Leakmaster Roofing is probably the only roofing contractor in the country that will gladly sell you the roof coatings and provide free advice so you can install it yourself. Customers save thousands of dollars that way. Of course, if you wish to hire Leakmaster Roofing to do the work for you, it is delighted to give you a free estimate so you can compare.

Here are some examples of problem situations and coating systems recommended.


Flat roof with heavy ponding water


A silicone-based coating like Gaco, Apoc or NXT Silicone is recommended because it is not water based and can take standing water. Silicones last much longer than acrylics because they don’t chalk and wash off over time. Many leading brands give long material warranties — up to 50 years for Gaco and Apoc Silicones.

If you don’t have ponding water and want to coat your roof to a color other than white, Leakmaster Roofing recommends NXT Cool Zone Acrylic because its infrared-reflecting tints will lower your roof temperatures by 70 degrees and cool your interior by up to 12 degrees. The coating has been proven in the harsh sun and applied to over 800,000 roofs worldwide. It is the only coating on the market that Leakmaster Roofing recommends you use if you are going to repaint your old Monier concrete tile roof that have been notoriously hard to re-coat after they fade — until now. The NXT coatings also resist mildew and premature fading.


Missing shingles and leaky roof

After replacing the missing shingles, Leakmaster Roofing simply rolls on coatings at a rate of 4 to 5 gallons per 100 square feet over the existing shingle roof. It is very important to put on a large enough quantity of coating to cover up every visible lap or puka on the roof. Most homeowners will want to go with a high-quality acrylic coating like the Cool Roof Store Ceramic or NXT Cool Zone Acrylic so they can color their shingles any way they want. If you prefer a simple, white coating, you may also consider silicon coatings.

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