This past summer, Enphase launched the Mahalo Hawaii campaign, a video contest where a $25,000 photovoltaic system would be awarded to the video receiving the most votes. The contest was open to nonprofit organizations across Hawaii.

Although not a nonprofit organization, KCCN personality Jason “Pipi” Rezentes and his wife, Kaui, submitted a video depicting their daily lives as they care for their special needs daughter. Their 10-year-old daughter Ava was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disorder that causes muscle damage and weakness. She is constantly hooked up to various machines, driving the Rezentes’ electrical usage through the roof.


To much surprise, their video skyrocketed to the top as the No. 1 submission and remained that way for the entire contest. On the last day, a video submitted by the La‘a Kea Foundation from Maui took the lead and won the contest in the last few hours of the final day of voting.


With the Rezentes’ and the La‘a Kea video each receiving more than 14,000 votes each and no other video with numbers as high, Energy Pro Hawaii took it upon themselves to help by donating a photovoltaic system to completely offset the Rezentes’ HECO bill.

“We had been watching the results daily, and saw that this was going to be a close race,” said John Emery, president and owner of Energy Pro Hawaii. “When we saw that the Rezentes’ family had come in second, we decided to step in and help them out.”


Their video, “Panels for Power,” can be seen on the Enphase website at www.en

The Final Push

Now in the final quarter of the year, PV installations will be on the rise and contractors will begin to book up fast. With HECO’s new guidelines and procedures pertaining to new installations, homeowners need to move quickly in order to take full advantage of the 2013 tax credit. Some potential buyers may also need to factor in any Homeowners Association approvals.

“You do not want to be put in a position where No. 1, HECO has not approved your installation, or No. 2, have a limited number of PV contractors to choose from,” explains division manager Ross Maeshiro. “It’s better to start your selection process definitely sooner than later.”


Energy Pro Hawaii is also campaigning to get cooler classrooms for Hawaii’s students, as a percentage of every PV installation from now until the end of 2013 performed by Energy Pro Hawaii will result in a charitable donation to help Hawaii public schools receive much needed air conditioning units installed in classrooms.

Contact Energy Pro Hawaii at 596-2890 or visit their website at www.energypro to see how they can help you with your future PV system.

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