Everyone has been there: company is coming over, and the house has to be impeccable. The pupus are presented in perfect fashion, the dishes are done, all is tidied and ready, until you see a spot … one eyesore of grape juice screaming from the carpet, right in the center of the study. Enter Oxi Fresh. A revolutionary new way of cleaning carpets, Oxi Fresh introduces a low-moisture method that not only gets your carpets sparkling and spot-free, but is also safe for keiki, pets and the environment.


When owner Avi Maschkowski invested in Oxi Fresh, opening up shop here on Oahu, he believed wholeheartedly in the quality of the service and product he was offering, and still does. The first thing that sets Oxi Fresh apart from the competition is its efficiency. The short dry time required for Oxi Fresh is just one hour versus the usual 12 to 24 hours needed for other competitors. Imagine being able to take the family out to a movie, and coming home to completely cleaned (and dried) carpets throughout the house. “The very fast dry time really appeals to commercial customers especially,” says Maschkowski. “For example, a restaurant that we can clean in the morning, allowing them to be open for lunch that same day, or an office that we can start after hours and have ready for business that following morning, are instances that have proven priceless for our clients.”

Also noteworthy is Oxi Fresh’s EPA approval. Utilizing green methods only, the company’s solutions are completely safe and eco-friendly for all. Oxi Fresh solutions are also excellent at removing stains, spots and unpleasant odors. “Oxi Fresh has a great proven system and have developed our own ‘green’ products,” says Maschowski. “Soon we will offer tile and grout, hardwood cleaning and even odor destroyers for walls that are especially effective for places that heavy smokers have resided.”