For those looking to beautify their home without investing in a full-scale remodeling project, plantation shutters offer a lot of “wow!” for the money.


“When it comes to window coverings, nothing beats plantation shutters,” said Gavin Shibuya, owner of G&S Shutter Designs. “Plantation shutters are luxurious and elegant. Many homeowners love the modern look from both the inside and outside of their home.”


Plantation shutters are also some of the most versatile window coverings on the market today. Functional and durable, there are many different design options. One example is the shutter with a divider rail. This option allows you to separate the top set of louvers from the bottom, making it possible to keep the bottom louvers closed while leaving the top louvers open. This provides a home with both light and air flow while maintaining privacy.

When considering materials, polycore shutters are the most structurally sound shutters on the market today. They are especially durable and can withstand all the elements that Hawaii’s tropical climate has to offer.


G&S Shutter Designs offers some of the best pricing on the Island for high-quality polycore shutters. “As owners of the company, we provide our clients with excellent customer service during every step of the process, including the installation,” said Shibuya. “We take pride in our work because it is our company, and we would not be here if it were not for all our wonderful customers.”


While plantation shutters are one of the most expensive window covering options to choose from, G&S Shutter Designs strives to give clients the best price without skimping on the quality. “We will beat any written estimate for the same-quality product from any other company on the Island,” said Shibuya. “We just want to offer all our customers the best price and best quality shutter.”

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