From ease of cleaning and simple maintenance to the vast array of options and styles available, ceramic tile provides a cost-effective way to add beauty and style to one’s home.

Consumers may choose from an assortment of textures and colors, while also selecting a size — ranging from 6 by 6 inches to 24 by 24 inches — that fits the desired space. Before installing ceramic tile, the sub-floor or wall must be clean, smooth, flat and provide a stable surface on which the tile system will rest.


“When you’re installing ceramic tile, it’s important that you use the mortar that’s intended for that specific tile,” said Danette Hoe, sales trainer at American Carpet One. “You really need to make sure that it has the features that are going to support the size and weight of the tile selected.”

Hoe recommends TEC Fast Set Ultimate Large Tile Mortar, one of the high-quality options offered by American Carpet One. The high-performing, full-coverage mortar is ideal for installing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile, and works as a thin or medium bed applicant for heavy and large format tile. The mortar also prevents sagging and slumping under the tiles, gives installers extended open time and mixes to a smooth, creamy consistency for superior handling with minimal effort. Those looking to “go green” will also appreciate this mortar choice, as it is safe for interior and exterior applications, contains recycled materials and zero volatile organic compounds.

Unlike some wood and vinyl flooring systems that require at least 24 hours to acclimate to a home’s atmosphere, ceramic tile can be installed right away. However, the tile will need to set without being walked upon so that the materials can bond properly and the desired grout may be applied.


“Whenever you’re dealing with tile, the skill set needs to be a little bit higher, especially if you’re working with a large-format tile,” said Hoe. “We do sell the materials, so for those who are comfortable doing those installations, they can purchase them from American Carpet One. We highly recommend that if customers are using their own contractors that they are familiar with the products so the installation is done properly.”

According to American Carpet One installation manager Larry Marvel, ceramic tile grout makes up approximately 5 percent of a construction job, but problems down the line stemming from the application account for roughly 95 percent of problems related to the project. Power Grout, a ceramic tile grout created by TEC, is touted by Marvel as a surefire solution to all grouting needs, and American Carpet One proudly offers the product in multiple sizes and colors.

“Power Grout is the ultimate performance grout,” said Marvel. “It’s made from a breakthrough formulation that provides the benefits of urethane and epoxy, but without the drawbacks. It provides a fast, trouble-free installation with permanent, stain- and crack-resistant properties and perfect color consistency, whether installed by a novice or experienced pro. And, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.”

The ease of installation and immense benefits make Power Grout a perfect solution for any job, whether residential or commercial, interior or exterior and on walls or floors. The product has drawn rave reviews for its color consistency, ability to fend off pesky mold and mildew, and durability over time amidst hot and moist climates. The easy-to-care-for product gives the perfect finishing touch to one’s desired tile installation, and pairs perfectly with the aforementioned TEC mortar selections and tile choices.


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