Do you want to do something to your home or property that will not only beautify, but also increase its value while making it stand out from the rest? Big Rock has the answer for that with its Hawaiian stone veneers.

There are countless walls that are plain and bare. Even when painted, hollow tile concrete walls are not eye-catching. Some even consider them an eye sore. Big Rock has the perfect solution that’s easy to do, inexpensive and lasts forever. Cover those walls with rock — not with real rock, which is impossibly heavy and bulky, but with Big Rock stone veneer.


To build a natural rock wall, you’d have to demolish all existing walls and then start from scratch. This is expensive, messy and takes a lot of time. Big Rock stone veneers go right over your existing walls. They add less than 3 inches to the surface and go on quickly and neatly using a mortar mix that you can buy at Big Rock when you purchase the stone.

For 30 years now, Big Rock has been manufacturing stone veneer here on Oahu and specializes in Hawaiian stone. Should you want something other than Hawaiian stone, you may choose from an endless variety of Coronado stone veneer, a Mainland product also available at Big Rock.

Which one should you choose? Well, there is the ever-popular Moss Rock, Ocean Reef Coral, Big Island Lava, rugged and beautiful Ulupalakua or the newly popular Blue Rock. All you need to get started with your transformation is a trowel, a wheelbarrow or container to mix the mortar and sand, and a wall that needs to be beautified.



Why not install the veneer yourself? It’s not difficult and Big Rock will show you how. On unpainted concrete (or cement board) surfaces, just apply the stone directly to the wall with mortar. If you are working on a painted concrete surface, you will first need to attach sheets of metal lath. Actually, Big Rock can be installed on any existing surface, including plywood, drywall and even metal.

Big Rock manufactures veneer flats to face the surface and right-angled corner-pieces that wrap the ends of a wall, cap the top or cover plain columns. The company also sells small pre-measured bags of dyes used in its various veneers so you can add some to your mortar for a matching look.

Where can the veneer be installed? Big Rock is not only for walls outside your home. Use it inside your home to enhance a kitchen island, make a statement with your fireplace, add appeal to the living room or entryway, add tropical serenity to bathrooms or surround your hot tub. Use it anywhere you’d like. It is lightweight, requires no structural modifications and even acts as insulation from heat and noise. Just use your imagination.


You can feel confident that Big Rock is the right choice, as its products are made in Hawaii with love and aloha. Big Rock offers a 50 year warranty on stone veneer, and owners Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper are always available to offer advice. If you do not want to do it yourself, they will give you names of companies they would recommend for your project.

You’ll just have to face it: Walls look better with Big Rock.

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