Nearly 10,000 people attended the 9th Annual BIA-HAWAII “Remodel It Right, Remodel it Green Expo” at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall this August.


Some attendees observed an excess of solar companies. Many even asked, Is this a home remodeling show or a solar show? Enthusiastic reps from 24 varying solar companies each touted their own company’s solar panel as the “best and most efficient on the market.”


And yet, one solar panel and company seemed to light up the show in a special way.

Risource Energy showcased their 100 percent Japanese-made, second generation CIS (Copper, Indium, Selenium) PV module by Solar Frontier. Solar Frontier is currently the top CIS PV producer worldwide.


The Risource Energy booth was much like their approach to solar installations. It was simple and straightforward, without gimmicks, and staffed by a competent and sincere team.

“Our core values are to act in the customer’s best interest at all times — to focus on providing quality products and solutions,” said Darren Furumoto, Risource Energy president.

As “The Top U.S. Residential Solar Frontier Installer,” Risource Energy generated quite a buzz at the show. Visitors lined up and waited patiently for an opportunity to check out the innovative second generation Solar Frontier CIS versus first generation crystalline demo, which displayed the ability of Solar Frontier’s CIS cells to outshine crystalline PV cells in real-world conditions.



“Risource Energy always maintains a high degree of professionalism and quality. This made it an easy decision to partner with (them) for the Hawaii market,” said Solar Frontier COO Charles Pimentel. Pimentel flew in from Japan to support Risource Energy at the BIA show and actually worked in the booth alongside the Risource staff.

“Besides the sleek black panels, a lot of homeowners who’ve installed with Risource Energy appreciate how our PV systems harvest more sunlight than crystalline panels in low-light conditions, like cloudy days and when shaded by trees,” said Charles Lum, Risource Energy project manager. “This is proven by data in field tests worldwide.” Why not lighten your electric load with CIS PV technology?

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