Roofing products are constantly evolving as traditional materials, such as asphalt, are improved by using cutting edge science to create fantastic new hybrids. LeakMaster Roofing installs all major systems and is constantly on the lookout for the latest technology that addresses the problems of the past.

Most new benefits fall into one of two categories: they either last longer than previous products or they make your home cooler — preferably both. A cool roof is a “happy” roof because it doesn’t degrade as quickly because of thermal shock or UV damage.

Energy Star-rated asphalt shingles


Most of the roofs in your neighborhood are probably asphalt shingles (also called comp shingles). They are still the most popular sloped roofs in Hawaii, and there are many good reasons for their success. They are moderately priced and perform very reliably when properly installed. If you have to walk on them, they are more forgiving than many other roof types. In short, they are a safe bet.

However, traditional comp shingles get very hot with surface temperatures often exceeding 170 degrees in the Hawaiian summer sun. This can make your interior home temperatures about 5 to 12 degrees hotter than they need to be.

The latest Landmark Solaris shingles from CertainTeed are Energy Star-rated. Leak-Master Roofing is finding a definite move towards cool roofs in general, and the Solaris is a solid performer. These shingles also have an increased mildew resistance warranty up to 15 years and a wind warranty up to 130 mph when properly installed. These are both huge features in Hawaii.


Cool roof coatings: acrylic vs. silicone


LeakMaster Roofing has been a leader in innovative roof coatings since 1990. The company has pushed for installing full fabric reinforced systems at 4 to 5 gallons per 100 square feet, instead of the more common, unreinforced 2 to 3 gallon systems that inevitably fail. LeakMaster Roofing has also pioneered roof coatings such as Cool Roof Store Ceramic, which keeps you cool in the summer. The coatings have been met with an enthusiastic reception here in Hawaii.

Lately, there has been a big surge in silicone coatings because of their ability to withstand ponding water indefinitely. The newest silicones are now 95 percent solid, versus 69 percent, so you end up with a thicker membrane, 40 milliliters versus 22 milliliters, when the roof is finished. Because silicone is considered non-sacrificial — that means it won’t chalk off over time — its life span is very long. GacoRoof and Apoc warrant their coatings for an impressive 50 years. When applied properly by an approved installer, labor and warranties of up to 20 years are available on qualifying jobs.

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