With Hawaii’s clean energy initiative always in the headlines, the idea of ‘going green’ in the air and the solar boom in full swing, it’s perfect timing for Cenano Pacific to unveil its exciting new nanotechnology product line in Hawaii.

If you’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a new photovoltaic (PV) solar system, it makes sense to maintain your panels because a clean, efficient panel is a happy, power-producing panel. And that means more money saved and more energy credits in your net meter bank.


Today, many solar operators still believe that allowing rain and wind to naturally clean solar modules is sufficient and that no additional manual cleaning is necessary. However, this is an outdated perspective. Not manually cleaning solar panels will often result in irreversible damage to your solar modules, reducing your panel’s efficiency and shortening the lifespan of the equipment.

To protect your investment and ensure peak performance, maximize your return by coating your solar panels with Cenano Pacific’s exclusive Nanotol line. Easy to apply, this transparent coating will leave your panels clean and efficient for up to three years with no additional maintenance required. You can do it yourself or hire a Cenano Pacific preferred contractor to apply and treat your panels.


“I encourage everyone who has invested in a PV solar system to have your panels cleaned with Cenano Pacific’s exclusive nanotechnology,” said solar provider Akamai Energy’s Richie Aqui, who exclusively treats his customer’s solar panels with Cenano Pacific’s Nanotol solution.


Cenano Pacific’s Nanotol line is also perfect for automotive, boats and yachts, fabric and wood, floors, lenses, electronics, home care and more. It even seals and protects concrete. Nanotechnology allows you to make your kitchen and bathroom easy to clean with just water. It’s the perfect cleaner and sealant for windows, and Cenano Pacific’s textile cleaner and upholstery sealant is perfect for pet owners.

Tired of wasting your time and money waxing your car? After treating your car with Cenano Pacific’s Nanotol, you will improve your vehicle’s appearance, even on dated, used cars. The special Nanotol sealant acts as a repellent for dust, dirt and grease. It’s very easy to apply and one treatment lasts up to 12 months and will keep your car shiny and new, reducing the number of car washes needed.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Cenano Pacific’s product line and the science behind nanotechnology, call 845-4565.

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