For many seniors and others with limited mobility, taking a bath can be an ordeal. Often those who can’t climb in and out of a traditional bathtub safely will simple forego immersing in a tub of water and settle for a sponge bath or shower.

But there is nothing quite as relaxing and satisfying as immersing your entire body in a warm bath. It can relax sore muscles and relieve stress. The answer for many has been the new walk-in bathtub. It provides not only the ultimate bathing experience, but also offers many therapeutic features.


“The walk-in bathtub is a great addition to any home, particularly one that includes disabled family members or seniors who value their independence,” said Tropical Plumbing & Walk-In Bathtub owner Charlie Beeck. “We have been installing this tub in houses and apartments throughout Oahu and the feedback we get from the homeowners has been truly gratifying. It fills a need in many households. Outside of the mobility issue, you can literally turn your bathroom into an in-home spa with its jetted whirlpool, air bath, or combination massage systems.”


Safety Tubs from American Standard feature the patented T5 Door System with a guaranteed watertight seal and a quick drain system that empties the tub less than two minutes. Beeck noted that Tropical can adjust the plumbing system in most bathrooms to accommodate this tub. It is supported with a freestanding metal frame for added strength and security, and its non-corrosive aluminum and durable cast brass construction maintains strength and a watertight seal. The high quality, seamless acrylic surface retains heat and is easy to clean.

The Tropical Plumbing Walk-In Bathtub specialist can acquaint you with the numerous features of this unique new bath and shower system right in your own home. Just call Tropical Plumbing & Walk-In Bathtub at 847-0970 for an on-site estimate.

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