Whether they’re considered feng shui-positive or not, gifts show others you care. Here are a few gift-giving ideas to fit most occasions

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I am sure I’m not the only person who wants to know this, and if you answer my question, I know it will help many of us who have this dilemma when faced with choosing a gift. What are some good feng-shui or energy-positive gifts to give others?

One of the things I liked about learning feng shui was that it helped me narrow down my gift-giving options. Some occasions require more sophisticated gifts, but when you just need to pick something up for someone, feng shui is a good tool for choosing the right item. Keeping it simple, I have chosen items that you can find in ordinary stores and that bring the essence of nature into the homes of your friends and family. The following are gift ideas for general occasions:


Candles represent the sun, which gives life to nature and offers opportunity, vitality and warmth. Candles also have the energetic ability to burn off negative energy and clear the air. A single candle, a set of candles, or a “candlescape,” can make a nice decor element, while helping its recipient clear the space of lower energies.


Plants, especially full, lush and vibrant ones, are universally feng shui-positive items. They are literally small pieces of nature that when brought into the home create fresh air and fill the space with positive, healthy energy. Although live plants do take some care, a gift of life is well worth it. If you know the person is not good with or does not like live plants, a quality silk plant still symbolizes growth and brings vitality into the environment.

Water fountains

When placed appropriately, water represents flow, abundance and new opportunities. Placing a water fountain in the bedroom brings the energy of worry into the bedroom, but when placed in the entrance of the home so that the water direction is flowing toward the interior of the room, it brings the energy of wealth and prosperity into the home. A water fountain is a good idea only if you know the recipient is the type who will enjoy and maintain it. Stagnant water means stagnant energy.



Books represent wisdom and knowledge. Purchasing books as gifts is a wonderful way to open someone’s mind to something new and exciting. If you know the person has a specific interest, a few books on that topic will always be appreciated.

Food or sweets

Fruit baskets, wine, chocolates, sweets and the like, are excellent gifts, symbolizing your hope that the recipient will have a full, sweet and abundant life.

If you are getting something for a couple for their new home or as a wedding present, consider the following:

Anything in pairs

Giving two of something, especially matching items, whether images, lamps, candles, candelabra or vases filled with flowers, fosters a sense of balance and strengthens partnership in the recipients’ environment. Pairing any of the above gifts — for example, two candles in elaborate candelabra that matches the couple’s decor — would be in line with the energy of feng shui.

The color red

Fire colors support relationship energy, so anything in red, pink, orange, or coral will offer energy toward building and maintaining passion in a relationship. Consider two red pillows, two red towel sets, two plants with red blossoms, etc.


Porcelain or ceramic

Inasmuch as earth is the element associated with the romance area, ceramic items, such as a frame with the couples’ photo or red objects, such as hearts, birds and fish, are considered good luck when given to a couple.

The key to giving positive gifts

When giving a feng shui-positive gift, the key is your intention and the symbolism of the gift. It is sufficient to find something that has a good meaning and not get so caught up in the color, shape and other details that choosing a gift becomes difficult. It’s much easier to go with the overall meaning.


You can never go wrong when you go with nature-based items and products, because the very essence of nature is what supports us.

Three things not to give

From the perspective of feng shui, what would be considered “bad” feng shui gifts? I get this question from time to time, so I am including it here. If you have given one of the gifts below in the past or want to give it in the future, remember that your intention is what matters most. These are gifts that “traditionally” are not given due to the symbolism they hold.


Although bonsai are living trees, their growth has been stunted. Avoid giving bonsai to someone who is starting a new job or opening a new business, unless you want to stunt the individual’s growth.


Gifts of sharp objects, such as knives, switchblades, letter openers, scissors, swords and the like, are considered unsuitable because of the “cutting” energy they represent. These are said to represent a severing of the friendship.


Clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches, wristwatches and so forth, measure the passage of time and are usually avoided as gifts, especially from a younger person to an older person, because they are said to symbolize the wish for a limited life span.

Feng shui gifts

Gifts, whether feng shui-positive or not, show you care. It is always the intent behind the gift that matters the most.

Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness U, an educational establishment, offering dozens of classes such as Feng Shui 101, Clutter Clearing 101, Positive Mindset 101, Happiness 101, Life Purpose 101, How to say No 101 and more. Opening in September of 2013, at the Gentry Pacific Center on Nimitz Highway, Happiness U is where one can learn things about how to be happy in life. Visit www.YourHappinessU.com for more information.