As most homeowners know, a quality, reliable roof will improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your home, as well as give you peace of mind during the next rainy season.

Proper roof maintenance and inspection will prevent potential water damage due to leaks and will avoid costly repairs due to mold, mildew and wood rot.


Be sure to select the correct roofing system to complement the design of your home. The pitch (slope) of your roof will help you determine which roofing system is suitable for your home. Consulting with knowledgeable roofing contractor will help you with appropriate roofing options to meet your needs and goals.


Many roofing systems are heat reflective, helping to lower your electric bill by lowering your energy use. Proper roof ventilation, using ridge vent or solar attic fans are also effective ways to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months. United Roofing and Rain Gutter prides itself on providing you with the expertise to guide you toward the best roofing solution for your home.

If you are planning to install a photovoltaic system, the company can give you an evaluation of your roof condition to help you decide if reroofing makes sense before the installation of your PV system. It will cost you approximately $100 per PV module to remove and reinstall when you reroof your home. Reroofing prior to the installing of a photovoltaic system often makes sense for your home and pocketbook.


When selecting a roofing contractor, do your homework. Make sure that your contractor is licensed and has both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Pay close attention to your roofing estimator during the selection process. Are they on time for your meeting? Are they attentive to your needs and goals? Are they knowledgeable about different roofing systems? If the answer is no, look elsewhere.

Make sure that your estimate is provided to you in detail (in writing) and covers the entire project detailing the specifications, warranty, contractor responsibilities and duties. You should never feel pressured to make a decision and you should be encouraged to do your research prior to selecting your contractor.


United Roofing and Rain Gutter provides you with uncompromised quality of materials and workmanship. It gives you seven years workmanship warranty and installs all types of roofing systems as well as seamless aluminum gutters to complete your roofing project.


The company gives free estimates and roof assessments. If you are considering a new roof, call 428-7947. The staff uses its 25 years of experience in the roofing industry to provide you the top-notch quality from estimate to installation completion. The installation crew members have the experience, dedication, professionalism as well as the aloha spirit. They look forward to the opportunity to bid on your upcoming roofing project. Call United Roofing and Rain Gutter — it’s the only call you’ll need to make.

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