Akio Takasaki is commonly referred to and described as one of “Hawaii’s solar forefathers.”

Ironically enough, the name “Akio” translates to “bright man” in English.


With more than 15 dedicated years in solar sales and over 2,000 solar installations under his belt, Akio Takasaki has accumulated an unmatched wealth of knowledge that’s proven invaluable to many homeowners.


Absurd as it may sound, there have been some unchecked rumors going around that Akio had left the solar industry, had possibly retired or had even been fired.

For your information, Akio Takasaki isn’t planning to retire any time soon. In fact, he just launched his very own sales company, Akio Solar Electric, with his youngest son, Mata Takasaki.

“At the end of the day, I now feel confident in the company and product I represent and in myself,” remarked Akio. “Risource Energy is my pick — they carry the best quality products and are supported by the best quality staff.”

From left: Akio Takasaki and his son, Mata

From left: Akio Takasaki and his son, Mata


Akio and Darren Furumoto, Risource Energy president, have a long-standing relationship, which began when they met more than 10 years ago at another solar company.

“As a progenitor of the (solar) industry in Hawaii, Akio’s unrivalled professionalism and high caliber of knowledge really put the customer at ease,” added Darren.

Akio Solar Electric will ensure that Akio’s “bright essence” will be passed on through Mata and Risource Energy. “It was time to represent myself and my commitment and philosophy toward customer satisfaction,” explained Mata.

“Knowing my father was the No. 1 salesman at a top solar company gives me a lot to live up to. I want to make him proud.”


When shopping for PV in Hawaii’s solar market, homeowners should keep in mind two Japanese words: “akio” and “risou,” which means “ideal.” To put it more poignantly, keep Akio and Risource Energy in mind.

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