Adding personal touches to your home decor is a beautiful thing; the right accessories can make your home exciting and inviting. Yet, accessorizing can be intimidating as well. With so many options in terms of design and color, it can be difficult to refine your style.

Fortunately, the fundamentals of good accessorizing are the same. A few simple tips can help you enhance your style.


Pop that color. Neutrals make an awesome backdrop for pops of color. Set off your neutral backdrop with brightly colored accessories. Pillows, plates, photo frames, candles and other colorful accessories create interest and depth in a room’s design. All kinds of small and decorative items can be colorful and inexpensive. For example, beautiful glass jars filled with pickles and canned veggies are not only a culinary treat, they can add zest to a room’s decor when used as a colorful display.


Simple styling. One of the most challenging aspects of accessorizing can be settling on a style. The good news is, when you find one that works for you, you can apply it to your home decor. Does classic sophistication work for you? Subtle colors that convey classic styling can make great hues for walls, carpeting and upholstered furnishings. Is quirky and unconventional more your style? That tropical print you love on your bedroom drapes can add humor and excitement to your home. That same color and pattern combination can make a statement when you use it as a runner on your dining room table.

Just keep these few secrets that apply to home decor in mind, then let your accessorizing adventure begin.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.