When planning to make a major purchase for your home,it’s wise to understand the warranty. Entering into an agreement before knowing the product may result in regrets and additional expenses beyond your”bargain” buy; so caveat emptor, “let the buyer beware,” when thinking of purchasing. If you are not sure about the “fine print,” consider how this company will address the following:

• Commitment to you is critical in a large market. In a major purchase life-cycle,your first interaction with the company should not be your last.

• Craftsmanship is a competitive advantage that sets similar products apart. Any company will represent its product. But a company that commits itself to the product, its manufacturer and the workmanship of its workforce is exceptionally rare.

• Pricing indicates material/service quality. If saving money is the ultimate goal, think long term and invest in a product that will last. Choose a company that offers reputable products and services, plus competitive pricing.


Also consider asking questions such as:

•What is the difference between”Lifetime” and”Limited Lifetime” warranties?
•What is covered and included under the warranty?
• How does accidental breakage affect the warranty?
•What nulls and voids a warranty?
•Will I have product support and service after I purchase?
•Will I have to pay more for someone to help me with future problems?


Every company has its own warranty policy despite carrying the same product. Some companies offer installation warranties while others do not.Collect as much information as possible in order to make a sound decision and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Windows Hawaii offers a variety of window and sliding door options, in addition to other home improvement products that are all covered by an installation warranty.

Kainoa Kea is the office manager at Windows Hawaii.


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