Those looking for a dependable, attractive and functional floor covering suitable for both residential and commercial settings receive the total package with wool carpet. And, as is the case with a host of other flooring options, American Carpet One is Hawaii’s leading authority on wool carpeting and its expert installation.

Wool is an ideal fabric for carpeting as an all-natural product, as well as a sustainable flooring option. Sheep are shorn every nine to 12 months, making the material renewable, and wool is also biodegradable.



For those worried about upkeep, wool eases anxiety as it naturally resists soil. The construction of wool fibers is similar to that of scales on a fish or roofing shingles in that they naturally overlap and inhibit dirt from adhering to the material, resulting in one of the most soil-resistant carpet options on the market.

“Wool is very easy to clean, and because of the natural protection it provides against soiling, it actually doesn’t need any additional stain applications,” explained Danette Hoe, sales trainer at American Carpet One.”Many synthetic fibers have some additional technology added to make them stain-resistant. Wool naturally repels the stains.”

Wool is also a naturally curling fiber, so issues with matting or crushing are not a problem. The product naturally kinks, as wool fibers spring back to their initial shape and form. For those dealing with pesky allergies, wool does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria and a minimal amount of latex is used when applying the carpet to the subfloor.


“It does tend to be the most hypoallergenic floor covering available,” Hoe said. “It also doesn’t hold a flame and is naturally self-extinguishing, which is the reason why you’ll find wool in a lot of hotels and hallways.”


Hoe mentioned that homeowners utilizing wool carpeting tend to stay with the product over time, as the fiber ages evenly over the decades much the same way an attractive hardwood floor does. American Carpet One features three display racks full of wool carpet options at its 33,000 square-foot facility, and has 100 percent wool products available for installation immediately, in addition to specially ordered varieties.

Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of all installation jobs from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired flooring option. American Carpet One offers customers a means of meeting the highest industry standards while providing the best installation quality and service available. Contact them company to setup a free consultation, including measurements of a home or business.

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