Everyone, including moms and doctors, can agree that a good night of sleep is necessary for good health, high energy and an individual’s overall well-being. Not getting enough good sleep — or rapid eye movement sleep — can affect the mind and body’s ability to react appropriately to outside factors, the National Sleep Foundation reports.

Creating the perfect sleep environment is the first step toward ensuring a good night of sleep. One in four adults in the United States experience occasional sleeplessness, difficulty falling asleep or waking up feeling un-refreshed at least a few times per week, according to the National Sleep Foundation.



Fortunately, you can implement these tips and create a comfortable sleeping environment in your home for both you and your family.

Eliminate distractions. Electronics. Noises. Lights. Many items, such as laptops, TVs and cellphones, commonly found in bedrooms can cause distractions and prevent a person from entering REM sleep. Remove these items from the room.

Establish comfort. Creating a sleep-conducive environment is an important factor in making the most out of every minute you sleep. Cuddle up each night with soft linens and create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.


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