By Michelle Lee

Being environmentally friendly used to mean having an excessive love for the earth. The term “tree hugger” rings a bell. However, as more data becomes available regarding the dangerous and expensive-to-fix damage caused by various chemical compounds found in many home products today, many consumers, in the interest of saving money, are choosing alternative greener options.

In recent years, there have been more and more governmental policies and mandates placed to encourage the use of environmentally sound products. Not only are such efforts better for the community on a holistic and ethical level, but financially they are saving residents thousands of dollars per year in renovation and maintenance costs.


Companies that used to be the frontrunners in chemically based products are now coming out with subsidiary brands whose primary focus is using less harmful and chemical-free solutions. Whereas before many residents would turn to bleach or ammonia to clean their homes, now with the advent of more readily accessible information, consumers are seeking out alternative options to take care of their home needs. One such example is cleaning powerhouse Clorox, whose subsidiary line Green Works promotes green products to degrease and disinfect the home in a safe manner.

More so than saving the environment, which is surely an added benefit, consumers are turning to environmentally friendly home products due to their cost-effectiveness. For example, harsh chemicals can often-times cause significant damage to one’s pipes by eating away at the metal lining since the solution is much heavier than water. Over a period of time, what results is a damaged pipe, which can require thousands of dollars to replace.

Solving problems with Pacific Environmental Solutions

Acting in harmony with recent efforts to go green at home, Pacific Environmental Solutions offers homeowners a multitude of alternative options to protect their families and homes.

“By using most traditional cleaning products, you are ultimately exposing your family to chemicals whose side effects we really do not know,” said Kim Billion, owner of Pacific Environmental Solutions. “We have no idea what kinds of ailments such chemicals can lead to down the road.”


To combat clogged drains and pipes, Pacific Environmental Solutions offers the GES Plus™ product, specifically designed to fight against slow flowing kitchen drains by utilizing a bacteria-based product that naturally and safely eats away at grease buildup.

“The byproduct of the solution is water and carbon dioxide,” explained Billon. “Instead of having to use harsh chemicals or call a plumber, this is an ongoing, proactive way to treat clogged drains.”

Pet lovers can also rest easy with the UrineFree™ product, engineered to remove urine odors and stains by treating the residue left behind on the surface area. “If you look at urine acid under a microscope, the compound is actually a crystal, which is very difficult to remove,” said Billon. “Whereas most chemicals simply dehydrate the crystal, our product breaks it down and eats it, so that the animal is unable to find the spot again.”

The future looks bright with Bonterra Solar

In addition to home products with respect to chemicals, the photovoltaic (PV) industry is making impressive segue in helping protect the environment as well as consumers’ financial interests. “Solar power is not just good for the environment,” said Andrew Yani, a partner of Bonterra Solar. “It is also good for your wallet.”

As big proponents of solar power, Bonterra is proud to announce that the company only uses the highest quality American-made panels currently available on the market. The panels, which are made by SolarWorld, utilize PV cells that convert light into electricity. Such energy is then transferred into an inverter that converts solar electricity into energy a homeowner can use in his or her home.


Additionally, Bonterra Solar employs the use of solar hot water heaters to help homeowners save thousands a year off their electrical bill. “First and foremost, we are committed to educating our customer on how to save money with regards to energy consumption,” said Yani.

With more consumers now aware of how harsh chemicals affect one’s health and finances, companies can expect a growing demand for environmentally sound products. As education spreads, there is no doubt that more people will exercise more caution in what they buy and use at home.