As a leader in Hawaii’s clean-energy movement, Bonterra Solar has helped thousands of people in Hawaii make the transition toward solar power. In the process, the locally owned company has become Hawaii’s most trusted solar installer and has played a pivotal role in securing Hawaii’s clean-energy future. Now, with the help of a new government initiative, the company is excited to bring the power of the sun to even more families in Hawaii.

Recently, the state took new measures to ensure that solar power remains attainable for all its citizens when Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed SB1087 — a bill aimed to make solar affordable to the masses — into law. The bill has been met with applause from green-energy advocates and leaders in the renewable-energy industry like Bonterra Solar’s Andrew Yani.


“We’ve been following this bill very closely and are very excited to see it signed by the governor,” said Yani. “This bill will make solar power even more attainable to all of Hawaii’s citizens.”


Here’s how it will work: Families in Hawaii will be eligible to pay back the upfront cost of solar power through a charge on their monthly electric bill with a special low rate secured by the government. The bill is tied to a larger initiative undertaken by the state known as the Green Energy Market Securitization (GEMS) program.

“We’re doing truly great things here as a state to ensure that Hawaii is leading the country in renewable energy. If you look at the 65 percent tax credit that’s currently on the table, and the GEMS program that will open up solar power to the masses, it’s a very exciting time for Hawaii. As a locally owned leader in the solar industry, Bonterra Solar is thrilled to help extend the promise of solar to more of our neighbors,” Yani added.


Gov. Abercrombie trumpeted the positive impact that affordable solar power will have in shaping the stability of Hawaii’s future. “This new measure allows us to bring clean energy improvements within reach for a broader segment of the community. More of Hawaii’s residents will be able to take advantage of green devices that will ultimately lower electricity bills and contribute to the state’s clean energy growth,” said the governor.

“I’d have to say that we’re looking at a really bright future for solar power and renewable energy in Hawaii,” Yani said. “I’d urge anyone who’s been on the fence about solar before to call one of our trusted solar experts today to learn more.”

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