Less than one year from introducing a new Japan-made, thin-film PV panel to Hawaii residents, Risource Energy is now recognized as the “Top U.S. Residential Installer in 2012” by Solar Frontier.


A small team from Risource Energy paid a very brief visit to Miyazaki, Japan, to accept the award, which was presented by Solar Frontier’s Japan CEO Atsuhiko Hirano and Solar Frontier COO, Charles Pimentel.


While in Japan, the team toured the Solar Frontier factory and trained on-site at the corporate Solar Frontier Training Facility in Miyazaki, Japan.

Solar Frontier is currently the No. 1 CIS thin-film producer in the world and was even mentioned in a July 2013 online article as a “solar stock to watch.” A link to the article can be found on Risource Energy’s Facebook page.


That makes Risource Energy the top US Residential 2012 installer of the world’s No. 1 CIS PV manufacturer. And for a small company out of Honolulu, Hawaii, that’s quite an accomplishment.

To say it’s been an eventful year would be an understatement for Risource Energy president and founder Darren Furumoto, and his solar team. And yet, the Risource Energy team has managed to pull it off in its inaugural year of re-branding and building the company from being the CIS division of Alternate Energy to its current, independent “Risource Energy.”


“(Risource Energy) was founded to uphold the quality standards (we) wanted homeowners to have access to not available in the current Hawaii PV market,” said Furumoto. The company strongly stands by its workmanship, holds NABCEP-certification and is empowered by a team of caring experts.


If you want top-quality and expertise with certification from an award-winning top U.S. Residential Photovoltaic Installer, align yourself with the solar experts at Risource Energy.

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