Recently, an article was published in the New York Times titled “Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels.” According to the article, there is a growing concern over the quality of materials and workmanship used in manufacturing photovoltaic panels. The issues regarding quality are being observed and reported to the extent that there is concern in the industry that they may disillusion the public’s view of a safe investment.

The public’s general misconception is that every manufacturer’s quality is the same and that modules should be treated as a commodity. Pacific Islands Solar understands that there are differences in quality and feels that it is the company’s duty as a solar contractor to educate the public about those differences. The New York Times article can be viewed at Pacific Islands Solar’s website:

When choosing between different photovoltaic module manufacturers, be mindful of the differences in quality.


Pacific Islands Solar has teamed up with Kyocera Solar to concentrate its efforts on educating consumers about the difference in quality between module manufacturers. As a Kyocera Diamond Preferred Partner, the company has proven to Kyocera that its installation quality matches the Kyocera total quality product delivery.

At Pacific Islands Solar, its professionals believe that the only way to protect your solar investment is by going with a module manufacturer that has a proven track record of quality and performance. Kyocera has been manufacturing modules for more than 37 years, as opposed to most manufacturers that have less than 10 years of experience and are vertically integrated. From the production of silicon raw material to the assembly of module frames and everything in between, Kyocera maintains quality control over every aspect of the manufacturing process and the results are proven by the following:

• Kyocera is the first manufacturer to pass TUV Rheinland long-term sequential testing.

• It is one of only four manufacturers of 13 to clear a high voltage stress test with zero degradation conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute (modules were secretly acquired to ensure accurate test results).

• Kyocera has the highest performing module out of many tier-1 manufacturers in independent testing at Dessert Knowledge Australia.


• In 10 years in Hawaii, Kyocera has never had a module returned as a defective product.

Hawaii has one of the toughest environments for solar modules and it demands well made products that meet these conditions. Consumers are led to believe that their warranties will protect them if anything goes wrong, and these documents are written to protect the manufacturer, not the consumer. Read the exclusions and check the company’s financial strength because it may be out of business in a few short years.

Pacific Islands Solar offers five years of free maintenance and cleaning with every purchase. It also offers a seven year guarantee that your roof will not leak. The company only uses the highest quality products rather than cheaper, lower-quality products, and it offers leasing, purchase and power purchase options. It has financing options available with no money down and no interest for two years.

Call Pacific Islands Solar at 841-7756 to find out the difference prior to making a final decision for your solar needs. The company believes you will see the difference in what it offers.

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