The relentless rise of energy costs and environmental concerns has homeowners in constant search of steadfast solutions to conserve energy with a positive environmental impact. Home appliances are considerable sources of energy consumption, accounting for roughly 30 percent of an average household’s energy use. For appliances dating over a decade in age, consumption is even more substantial.


Fortunately, Energy Star program was established by the U.S. Department of Energy to convenience homeowners with more than 300 energy-efficient products and practices. Energy Star-qualified appliances guzzle 10-50 percent less energy than standard appliances, ultimately cutting costs and reducing emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gasses. The use of quality components and advanced technology specific to Energy Star appliances increases product longevity, and often results in extended warranties. 85-90 percent of materials used in manufacturing Energy Star products are also eco-friendly and recyclable.

• Refrigerators/freezers. Energy Star refrigerators consume 75 percent less energy than models produced in the late 1980s — and up to 40 percent less than models produced in the early 2000s — up to $150 in annual savings based on existing models.

• Clothes washers. Energy Star washers consume roughly 50 percent less energy and 55 percent less water than current federal minimum standard washers. That’s roughly $50 in annual savings.

• Dishwashers. Energy Star dishwashers consume at least 41 percent less energy than the federal minimum standard dishwashers. That accounts for roughly $30 in annual savings.

Homeowners should recognize the inevitable rise in energy costs and prepare for the future by equipping their home with appliances oriented around saving money as well as reducing their carbon footprint.


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