Taking care of excess moisture in your home can help prevent the growth of mold. In addition to monitoring your home regularly to catch plumbing or roof leaks quickly, improving ventilation can help control moisture and improve overall indoor air quality.

“Places that are often or always damp can be hard to maintain completely free of mold,” the EPA notes. “If there’s some mold in the shower or elsewhere in the bathroom that seems to reappear, increasing ventilation (running a fan or opening a window) and cleaning more frequently will usually prevent mold from recurring, or at least keep the mold to a minimum.”



When it comes to effective, economical passive ventilation, a fresh-air skylight can help reduce humidity and stale air. When open, Energy Star-qualified, no leak solar-powered fresh air skylights, like those made by Velux America, can allow excess moisture and unhealthy fumes to escape your home. When closed, the bright sunlight that venting skylights admit into your home can help dry out damp areas. Skylights are a great option in damp rooms, such as bathrooms, where privacy concerns mean an open window is impractical, or in rooms where adding a window or venting fan may not be plausible, such as a garage.

To learn more about no-leak skylights and how they can help improve indoor air quality, visit www.veluxusa.com.

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