Staying on task with our daily responsibilities isn’t always easy, but these feng shui tips can help you jump-start a productive lifestyle

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I get distracted a lot, even though I have so many things I need to do for my family and at work. At the end of the day, I run out of time, and am not as productive as I want to be. What can I do in my home and in my life to support my productivity?

I strongly believe that if you love the life you are living and are living the life you love, distractions are not a big issue and productivity is a by-product. However, even as “responsible” adults, we are often uninspired by things we “have to” do. Let’s take a different perspective for a fresh approach.


If you don’t schedule it, it’s not “real”

When you fail to schedule a task, it does not feel real to you. Deciding that you will do a task when you have “some extra time” is like deciding to quit before you get started. To make yourself accountable and prompt yourself to take action, note your “to do” items on a calendar so that you have a concrete time frame in which to act and a solid reminder when frivolous distractions entice you.

Have a productive day

I use the following methods and achieve great results:


• Early morning is an opportunity to plan ahead. Either before getting out of bed or just before you turn on your computer, ask yourself what the one thing is that you can do to make your day highly successful. What is it that you can realistically accomplish that will further your focus and leave you feeling that you were productive and successful at the end of the day?

• Define your boundaries. With the advent of Smartphones, computers and wireless Internet, life lacks the natural boundaries of the old days when home and work were geographically separate.

We believe we accomplish more, given the time saving electronic age, but we also spend a great deal of time “playing” on our gadgets, being far less focused, at the cost of the quality of work we produce. Clearly define when it is “work” time and when it is “play” time, diminishing the opportunity for one to interfere with the other.

• Set your intent and hold that boundary. Not having a plan for the day is akin to being caught in a whirlwind. You risk spending more time running off course and trying to get back on course and getting distracted by all the stimuli around you. Ask yourself what you care most about accomplishing that day and in the near future. That simple question is an excellent and gentle way to keep you on track.

• Stay connected with yourself throughout the day. Set an every-two-hour alarm on your watch or phone. At the sound of the alarm, pause and ask yourself if you are doing what you need to be doing at that time. This is not a lifelong solution, but try it until you develop a habit of checking in with yourself without an alarm.

• Stand firm. Only you know what you care most about accomplishing; so communicate that when others try to lure you off course. Say “no” politely but firmly. Instead of thinking, “Why not,” think “Why?” Having a plan for the day that instills confidence, simplifies your life and eliminates distractions makes it easier to graciously say no.


In addition to the above tips and tools, use any of the following feng shui energy-enhancing ideas to help you pep up the energy in your home to support you.

• Color. In your home, use colors that inspire you. Energy boosting colors are bright colors that pop, such as reds, pinks, oranges and purples.

Mirrors. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes generate energy, which is why you should avoid large mirrors in the bedroom, where calmness is preferred. Use mirrors in dead areas to instantly add energy.

Lighting. Candles and lights naturally raise the energy level, so make sure your home is well-lit, even the hallways. Use spot lighting to illuminate your artwork or light up a dark corner.

Artwork. Make sure your artwork anchors no unwanted emotions and instead represents only what you feel is positive or want to keep or bring into your life.

Sound makers. Pleasant sound wakes up the energy. Chimes can be used inside and/or outside the house at the front door to greet and welcome the energy or in a window to energize a specific room.

Living things. Live things, such as pets, plants, flowers, and animals, that are well maintained and cared for bring lively energy into the home.

• Water features. Well-maintained and clean water features, such as fountains or aquariums, are excellent energy enhancers.

• Mobiles. Mobiles or flags moved by circulating air can serve to bring energy into the environment in a subtle yet powerful way.

Make your life interesting!


Make your life as entertaining as a well-written adventure novel and you will be the queen of productivity. How often have you picked up a book that was a page-turner? Your life can be just as engaging.

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC, a company committed to assisting people in living empowered lives. Alice shares her wisdom as a professional speaker and personal consultant. Visit for more information.